We don't want you to implement agile because it suggests a project that will soon come to an end. Being Agile is not a quick process but one that requires a learning path that is tailored to your challenges. We take the best practice for being an agile organisation and, understanding your challenges, we work with you on a successful Agile Journey.

Principal Agile provides you with training and certification solutions that includes the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). We simply provide you with the training that suits your organisational needs and individual needs.


A few years back, Agile was more common with small co-located teams and team of teams. With advances in technology, teams also grow and there's a need to scale suddenly. The benefit of Agile at organisations can be truly felt while the 'whole' is Agile, the immediate result is that the firm runs efficiently. This benefit is not without specialised training and coaching. We want you to "Be Agile" and not just to implement Agile.

Organisations around the world want to be more responsive to the market and transform their entire value stream to "Be Agile" at scale.


SAFe® is a proven framework for software and complex hardware development. It's a scalable framework that can be customised to fit your entire organisation for development across an entire organisation.

Principal Agile Consultants are experience with SAFe and are validated to teach SAFe courses to support Agile Transformation journey. We understand that various organisational contexts may require different approach and training. We will help choose the appropriate training partners and support you through to 'accelerate' milestone.