Our Client's Cyber Security practice do all they can to reduce cyber attacks on their infrastructures, however, to reach efficient levels of threat detection and risk control, TMC brings in an operating model that couples with Client's current model to improve enterprise Cyber Security.


The challenge that Cyber Security presents today can not be understated. More than ever before, businesses (and most especially top Tier banks and small banks) face real threats from outsiders, impacting customers, brand, technology and network.
Actors are using both sophisticated and well known approaches to attempt to steal business and customer data with the intention of being anonymous.

We are glad that our clients realise the danger they face and are well prepared to prevent advances by outside threats. While outside threat remain prevalent, inside threats cannot be overlooked.

Cyber Security


Each release comes with it a security risk and that's why we at TMC are well positioned to not just improve but advance Cyber Risk measures of our clients.

Regardless of what risk means to our clients, our Cyber Security practice are on hand to meet our client's requirements with solutions that are tailored and specific to their needs. Our key Talent and solution areas includes but not limited to: Mobile Security; Cloud Security; Fraud Detection & Management; Vulnerability Management; Risk, Assurance & Compliance; Digital Forensics; Monitoring and Reporting; Data Protection, Privacy; Governance & Control; Identity and Access management (IAM).

Cyber Security

How We Help Clients

Cyber Security

Mobile Security

We have vast experience in Forward and Reverse Logistics Security; Network Security, Application Security; Access Control and Data Protection.

Cyber Security

Cloud Security

TMC aims to provide cloud computing capabilities that contributes to the reduction of cloud security failures due to human errors - Gardner estimates 99% of cloud failures by 2025 will be due to human errors. TMC leverages tools, technologies, and techniques to ensure your organization will be better prepared to prevent issues and proactively respond to cyber-attack.

Cyber Security

Fraud Detection & Management

TMC's Fraud Detection & Management practice allow organisations to proactively monitor user activities, real-time reaction to alerts, and remediate threats from both external & internal hackers for a stronger security integrity. Our consultants work within Anti-money Laundering; Insider Fraud; Payment Fraud; Enterprise Case Management; Mobile and Web Fraud; User Behaviour Monitoring; Compliance Monitoring & Management

Cyber Security

Vulnerability Management

Key practice and focus includes but not limited to Cyber Resilience; Cybersecurity Incident Response; Business Continuity Management; CISO Support as a Service; Cybersecurity Strategy & Risk Assessments

Cyber Security

Risk, Assurance & Compliance

Our Cybersecurity practice supply consultants in the following areas: Strategy & Risk Assessments; Privacy i.e., NDPR Compliance Audit, Implementation & Training); The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Technical Security Testing (VA,PT); IT Standards Implementation and Certification Support.

Cyber Security

Digital Forensics

Our Digital Forensics practice consists of masters and certified ITS security professionals; forensic analysts; ITS auditors; Electronic records management; fraud examiners; Anti-Money Laundering malware reverse engineering and Incident handling specialist

Cyber Security

Monitoring and Reporting

Our preventative and Proactive Practice cover key aspects of cybersecurity to ensure swift response to threats, improve visibility into security posture, Prevention and Proactive Monitoring; and comply with regulatory. Our work covers: Security Intelligence; Recovery & Remediation; Alert Management; Incident Response; Log Management; Compliance; Security and Posture Refinement.

Cyber Security

Data Protection & Privacy

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) practice provides Data Protection as a Service which completes the tasks required to fulfil compliance, Data Protection, & Privacy , Governance and Control.

Cyber Security

Identity and Access management (IAM)

TMC consultants helps to streamline access control in complex, multi-cloud environments. As connection to on-premises, remote, and cloud-based (SaaS) apps and data sources increases, this increases user access (employees, customers, contractors, bots, IoT devices, automated workloads, APIs). We cover: Identity Lifecycle Management; Access Control; Authentication and authorisation and Identity Governance.

Let's discuss your Cyber Security requirement, speak with one of our consultants today.

We would be glad to hear about your challenges and help you prepare to beat outside and inside threats to your IT systems and infrastructure.

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