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Achieving business agility is a dynamic path and not linear. Organisations must constantly make decisions to compete and thrive in a competitive age, quickly responding to market change with Innovative business solutions. To do this correctly will require Information, and this Is where metrics come Into place.


Principal Agile Consultants can create assessments that identify the areas of Improvement and create the right metrics to measure whether coaching and training have the expected impact. These metrics will give your Organisation the correct information to make business decisions that accelerate your transformation.

Organisational Readiness Assessment

Suppose you are unsure where to start the Improvement of your Organisation, and you certainly know there is a need to change. In that case, Principal Agile's organisation readiness assessment can help you Identify areas of your current processes, practices and behaviours that will need Improving to enable business agility. Our consultants will present findings and Insights and provide a way forward by recommending areas to focus on coaching or training.

Team's Agile Effectiveness Assessment

Enabling flow is one of the fundamental principles of Agile, and the predictability of flow will inform how Teams, Agile Release Trains and Solution Trains release business value against the planned business objectives. Principal Agile's consultants can create your development value stream map, identify where delays or overloads are prevalent, and support you with critical measures against your planned business value.

Competences Assessment

Achieving business Agility mastery will require that a business Is competent In all seven (7) SAFe core competencies.

Using the SAFe Business Agility Assessment, Principal Agile Consultant can work with your business and portfolio managers/leads to assess the Organisation's current progress in achieving true business agility.

Our consultants can drill down into each of these seven core competencies to help Teams, Agile Release Trains and Solution Train, so work on areas with the view of improving the wider goal of achieving true business Agility.

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How We Help Clients

Agile Assessments

Organisational Readiness Assessment

Assess current state of Agile and identify the next step of your Organisation's Agile journey

Agile Assessments

Outcomes Assessment

Measure Key Performance Indicators & Objective Key Result (OKR) at strategic level

Agile Assessments

Flow Assessment

Remove Impediments to flow and enable flow of value

Agile Assessments

Competences Assessment

Helps you answer the question of how Agile Is the business at any one point of time?

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