As our end user, we want to take all worries away by supporting you to determine the IR35 status of the workforce we send to you


As you may be aware, the introduction of IR35 to the contracting world has changed how fee payers manage their supply chain.
If you were able to check the IR35 status of contractors using a streamlined process, this will provide a level of confidence and rest of mind for your and your contractors.

IR35 & Talent Solutions


Through TMC's partnership with leading IR35 assessment company, we are able to bring you a Talent solution that removes the risk from the fee payer and the contractor.

We perform the assessment, you maintain a healthy and compliant workforce all FREE - at no cost to you, the client.

In order to provide a stress-free Fire & Security and Telecom and Telco permanent and contracting talent solution, you can opt for our payroll option and sit back and allow us to handle the payroll aspect while you get on with the more important operations of the day.

Benefit of using us?

  • Access to a pool of talented individuals
  • Continuous and uninterrupted project delivery
  • No tax liability
  • Your Organisation remains compliant
  • FREE IR35 assessments
IR35 & Talent Solutions

How We Help Clients

IR35 & Talent Solutions

Permanent Placements

Never worry about attraction and retention of staff again. TMC is hands on through and through, end to end recruitment process.

IR35 & Talent Solutions

Contract Placements

Take a step back and let TMC take the hassle out of your schedules. If you want to attract top contracting talents, count on TMC to deliver

Tools and Approaches that we use to solve client's challenges

  • IR35 Determination Tool
  • Payroll framework

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